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Time Awaits for No One- It Just Keeps Ticking Away- A Modern Parable

ImageTime- though a short word, it holds immense value in life. In fact, along with the precious gift, life, time is the next component that occupies the major portion of our gift list, which is blessed upon us by the Almighty. Unfortunately, not everyone utilizes the gift efficiently in the right manner. Some ignore it, thinking it will come back again and then they shall utilize it. Well, for some of us, there might be a tomorrow, a week, a month, or perhaps a year to attain whatever we desire. However, though we might get a second chance, we need to realize the value of that particular ‘second chance’ which we were lucky to get. Without wasting it away, we should act promptly and use it.

The importance of time was realized to Tom when he noticed his best friend, Kim, was not utilizing his time efficiently and he never received a second chance. Both comrades first met in their fifth grade; since then their friendship jelled like milk and honey. In the later years, Tom completed his Post Graduation in English Literature and went on to get his doctorate degree in it. While whizzing through his path of success, Tom observed that Kim wasn’t very spontaneous in life and was slagging behind. Unlike Tom, who was very optimistic, aggressive, wise, and believed that there’s no tomorrow, Kim always remained latent when it came to make decisions in life and always thought time would return, giving him second chance, however. Due to lack of utilizing time well enough, he kept missing some opportunities that could enhance his journey of achieving his goals, which was to become a cardiologist. He never took his studies seriously and kept repeating some courses all over again. Moreover, when he was asked to take some decisions promptly relating to his career and life, he kept ignoring it; he whiled away the time in other leisurely activities.

Since he lacked being a studious and judicious person, during his second last year of high school, the moment had arrived when Kim was compelled to abolish attending his school, and was blacklisted. This setback in Kim’s life left a black mark on his resume. No one was willing to employ him and he was becoming a burden for his middle-class family. Life was turning into a disaster for Kim. One another tragedy in Kin’s life was that he never spent much of his life in the right way. Just as he took time for granted, he did the same thing with life. Always remained in his own world and never cared for his family. At times he used to misbehave with his family, roamed with ruffian friends, and did all the unwanted and unhealthy activities under the influence of his bad company.

However, as we know, time is our master and besides teaching us, it’s a healer, too. This great master did eventually played its role and taught Kim a lesson. One day, when Kim’s friends manipulated him to illegally carry some drugs out of his city, the police arrested him and took him for interrogation. It was this moment of his life when the whole world went against him, including his friends, and only his family supported him, the boy realized the value of time and life. From this point onwards, Kim completely changed himself for the good and with great zeal, he once again commenced his education to attain his goals. He finally realized that there isn’t endless supply of time- once it’s gone it never returns; even if it does, then one should realize its worth and act promptly.

From this turmoil, Kim acknowledged the fact that there’s no tomorrow; one must live in the present and make the most of it. One must also treasure every moment, especially those shared with family or with a loved one because time never pauses. Plus, life is a game where no one obtains a second chance to correct the flaws we have done. In fact, time doesn’t bother about anyone or anything, it just keeps ticking away- the only that matters is how one lives, how he/she has fought, and how the person has played the game, life. Each action must be undertaken promptly and at the right moment. Kim also realized that time is like money, and he can’t afford to lose it. As the saying goes: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present!”

By Bindiya

Love, Passion, and Compassion

What is that keeps us alive, our relationship, too,

Some may say wealth for it can purchase all the world’s luxuries,

Nay, that person would be a fool, it doesn’t, nor will it sustain a minute or a two!

Ah, is it power, for it can give you some rule, but it ranks secondary and it jerks like a jerk!

Evaporating like the morning dew, fame fails, too.

What then is it? What then is it!

Thee I tell you, time runs like a runner in a marathon and death is inevitable.

What then grips the core- mi amor it is love, passion, and compassion.

Love is sun, passion is moon, and compassion is the incredible ground-table!

They are birds that soar together in the world where Cupid resides in his mansion,

Let the birds soar high and sing their lullaby while they dwell in the sky,

To nurture the life and our bonds with the their uttermost tenderness,

Thus, these seeds, love, passion, and compassion, are the roots for our life

We need to sow right from the beginning when we enter our world.

Sonnet by Bindiya FarswaniImage