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A short Verse for a loved one…..

Just like the morning sun, you entered as a stranger
From the warmth and love by you,

I got to know you as a friend…

Now within just few months,

We have embarked on the Journey of life that shall last

till our last breath.

Surprisingly & amazing to note how we have established
A bond that is like a lost & found relation !!
Just like the day is incomplete without night,

Food is incomplete without salt,

Gorgeous face is incomplete without a stunning smile,


You are like the mirror to me, reflecting and shining back at me…..Self


Anyone can be a poet

Well anyone can pour out their hearts, but the real tricky part is when you’ve to connect your heart to the words you desire…… once you manage to accomplish that task, your a poet ! – Self

when in love…..

When in love, it feels like your in heaven….when it gets broken it may hurt like hell, but even though it hurts at times it leaves a sweetness in it ….. – Self