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Success is easily attainable……..but …

Gaining success is simple……but to sustain it is crucial, only some handle it well…..whereas others may go down to hell….! – Self  


You can’t miss me…

Missing me…??

Na, how can you miss me…

Though lands have been divided but look above…Yep, the sky! No division there…..We share it earnestly, which keeps us bonded eternally…

So, do you still miss me…. ? – Self

Birthday wishes for a special friend….

You must be aware of the fact that like poles repel and unlike poles attract…. Likewise, though we many at times stand at opposite poles, what matters, at the end, is how we once again attract towards one another to establish more stronger bond…

I believe we can be an archetype of being the ones who truly enhance the meaning of togetherness…We have walked various bitter paths, and I’m glad we have successfully managed to catch hands in the end…! Our Witty, Whacky, Crazy, Fun, Profanity talks, which only we understand, SURELY makes MY life, HOPE YOURS TOO, worthwhile…! 🙂

I won’t vacillate to say that sometimes I do miss your presence whenever we get occupied in our goddamn lives, leaving us to remain away for several days/weeks/months ….However, moments live on and to survive until we meet next, I begin to cherish those amazing times we once shared…

At times I may have failed to stand by your side…. like wine is incomplete without savoring it, without savoring the wine you create, how will the morons grasp what I’m saying about u! ;):)) Believe me, it’s a wine I’m glad I’ve come across!

I love the fragrance we share…for its everlasting effect, it simply requires a little bit of me and a WHOLE lot of YOU…!!! So I kindly request you, Mr. Beast 😉 to let this enchanting sessions of eating each other’s head reach eternity, so we can cherish the aroma of our friendship forever….!

Here’s wishing you a very happy wala bday! Loads of kicks and all those bday punches along with hugs for the World’s BIGGEST ‘BEEPER’ I’VE EVER KNOWN!!!! 😛 😉 😀 May you always remain the way you are because the moment you’ll change….it will be the end of the bond we once cherished… 🙂

That’s what I’m doing- appreciating!!

Eyes are meant for Appreciating nature around us…may whatever it is…things, humans, animals, girls, or…..boys..! 😉 so learn to appreciate and enhance their value of being on this planet :p ;):)))

That’s what I’m doing !! *sigh pple fail to understand that vital fact…! :p – self

A joke inspired by a pal :)

I’ve a confession to make!!!

I know its late but I am married..

YES!! Happily married !
To my phone ! And the best part is, I can’t divorce it!! ;):p :))) – self