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Bindiya’s music….

Life is music; I’m playing the notes which the Almighty has gifted…..Unaware what it sounds like but when people share their deep appreciation upon hearing it, immense joy & zeal to do better plagues my heart…..I’M A GREAT PLAYER! – Self

Lets create “Heaven on Earth”….

On a bright sunny day, I was sitting on an armchair in my backyard reading a story from my literature book. Birds were chirping away in the tress that enclosed the yard, ducks were swimming in the pond which was located in the center of the backyard, and rabbits were running around on the grass with their family and friends. Occasionally I looked away from my story to take pleasure viewing the beautiful sight that was in front of my eyes. In fact, the backyard was the most favorite place of mine and the animals were so friendly and loving, I felt we were a part of a huge family.

“What’s that hustle bustle?” I asked myself when I heard a loud scream. As I looked above my book, I saw two rabbits fighting. I then stood up from my armchair and slowly went forward to take a closer look of the scenario and understand the reasons for the fight. Therefore, as I came closer to the fighting spot I realized both the male rabbits were fighting to protect their territories. As the fight continued both the rabbits began to bleed. To stop the fight I immediately picked up a small block of wood and placed it abruptly between the two rabbits. I was perplexed to see both the rabbits fight like enemies. I had never before seen them fighting. They were like soldiers fighting a war to protect their nations. To make the rabbits friendly again I knew I had to once again introduce them to one another in a friendly manner. Thus, to help me out to do this process I called up my best friend, Afra. As soon as she came we both, wearing thick hand gloves, picked up the rabbits and carefully placed them in my bathtub. Then I began talking to them and treated them side-by-side. After an hour or so, I finally saw changes occurring in the behaviors of the rabbits towards each other. They were beginning to be friendly again! Keeping an eye on them, I continued to leave them alone for a while to play with each other. Finally when I was satisfied to see them loving and playing with each other, I brought the rabbits back to the backyard. In the backyard, once again the rabbits were happily spending time together amongst the rest of the animals.

Looking at the bigger picture and replacing the role of the rabbits with the humans, I could relate this instance with real life issues we have in our world. For example, like the rabbits, humans too fight on the borders of the countries to protect their land. Why is that so? Can’t everyone be friendly with each other? Can’t we all live together in peace and harmony? The Almighty created Earth’s land as a whole. Who has given the right to humans to divide the land according to their wins and fancies? This is wrong. The world wars or civil wars should be stopped. People should sit down and discuss their problems in a healthy and friendly manner. Just imagine how wonderful and astonishing sight it would be if we all lived together as one big family. In the truest form, it would be “Heaven on Earth!”

Bindiya Farswani

I hear India singing varied carols……

I hear India singing varied carols,

The rickshaw-wala, singing his hymns as he horns and weaves his path through the traffic,

The diba-wala hums while walking and holding various Tiffins that are filled with finger-licking Indian food,

The chaat-wala singing his own tune while making yummy pungent Indian chaat,

The lyrical singing of the traditional Indian wife churning the Indian spices up on the terrace in the heat, the maid while sweeping the house, or the man who’s collecting trash from the roads,

The melodious lullabies from the mother putting her child to sleep beside her as she collects money from the people that pass by her on the street,

The priest singing his tune to please his lord, the peacocks dance to the melody of the air, and the cows rejoice in the harmony of it all.

I hear each one singing their songs of their lives.

Bindiya Farswani

Turning 18…..A fantasy story.

It is a fact that birthdays do bring a lot of changes but at the same time, they are always very exciting. It brings to my mind the lovely cake, candles, balloons, party, friends, many ribbons, gifts, and mostly food and fun! That is how birthdays were for the first seventeen years of my life. My parents would start planning my birthday a month in advance. All my relatives, friends, and most of the neighborhood were invited. Pretty invitation cards were sent out to the guests. Themes were selected for my birthday party every year. Once we had Winnie the Pooh. The cake, balloons, and the decorations all had Winnie the Pooh on them. In simple words, my birthday was meant to be a fun and glamorous event! Everyone would look forward to that event every year. It was talk of the town after it was over because it was celebrated with great pomp every year! Nevertheless, it all changed once I was eighteen.

The year I was to turn eighteen, for some reason my parents didn’t plan anything for my birthday party. I often wondered why no one was discussing my birthday anymore. Whenever I asked my parents to throw a party for me, they said that I was turning into a mature eighteen year old. Moreover, they also mentioned that now I shouldn’t talk of birthday parties as they are considered childish. I did feel very hurt at that point.  I could not understand why they didn’t consider my birthday important anymore. Without any further thoughts, I decided to make the most of it by myself. Just because I would be able to vote after the age of eighteen didn’t mean I had no right to celebrate my birthday! Therefore, I decided that I would celebrate it with my close friends. I ordered a beautiful chocolate truffle cake two days before my birthday and decided to call my few close friends. Surprisingly whichever friend I called was busy that day and said sorry to me because they said that they wouldn’t be able to make it. I really wondered that after all such glorious birthdays why no one wanted to celebrate my birthday with me.

That’s when I really felt that I am turning eighteen. I began to think that parties are only for kids not girls turning into adults like me. I didn’t discuss my birthday anymore with anyone. However, when that day arrived I was very amazed and touched. When I got up in the morning, I saw the whole house decorated with flowers, balloons, candles, and with loads of other decorations! Indeed, I was so stunned that I thought I was dreaming! Later on, my parents came to hug me and asked me to get ready quickly because there was a party they had organized for me! I was content and thrilled! However, besides these feelings of joy I somehow began to feel matured.

Anyhow, I dressed myself up like how any eighteen year old would do and headed for the party! For the first time I was now eligible to open a bottle of champagne! Moreover, I was delighted to see all my friends who had few days back said no to me! It was at this moment my parents told that my friends refused me because we had already invited them and we request your friends not to discuss about this surprise party with me. Honestly, I did have the time of my life as I always did on my birthdays. Nevertheless, I now I knew that along with fun comes responsibility. Now I wasn’t only a child anymore- now I was a woman who was eighteen. I now couldn’t crave for those ‘childish’ themes and parties. It was a major turning point in my life. I thank my patents for that beautiful day- not that the others were bad. It was something different- the first milestone that drove me towards the way to maturity.


Bindiya Farswani


Love is now & Forever….

I accept your love, my sweetheart.

I am gratified by your love, oh sweet one.

You brighten up my day brighter than the sun.

Come summer or spring,

Autumn or Winter,

By your side I will be whether you suffer or prosper.

So it’s not just when winter comes that I will be by your side,

But I will always be with you for you to confide.
Through all the seasons that the world may offer,

You will have my love now and forever!

Bindiya Farswani