Archive | November 2014

Just reading or enhancing knowledge by actually reading…

A huge difference lies between just reading & trying to understand what you’re reading…! When you start to do the second one, knowledge is significantly enhanced, may whatever the subject is! 🙂 – #self-#examination

Miracles are just around the corner……

I believe that miracles are just around the corner- they’re waiting to happen. It depends on individual when they want it to happen or aim for it to happen! :)- Bindiya Farswani

The Travel Bug In ME!

Oh Lord, why did you create such a huge world!? Even if you did, why didn’t give wings to me!

So many places to visit & experience the sheer happiness of being on that particular spot….I keep pondering why I don’t create my own ‘Travel Scrapbook’- HELLO! HOW COULD I FORGET THAT IT IS ALREADY BEEN MADE & STILL IN PROCESS! 
HOPEFULLY I do get to see all these pinned pictures LIVE & MYSELF IN IT!