Archive | March 2015

The Shore is just a bend not an end…

Just like the seas & the oceans,
Life goes through the process of high tides & low tides,
At times while surfing, the waves may knock us down, But,
As a seasoned surfer with all knowledge, zeal, & passion withstands the forces of the waves & gets back on track,
We too have to get back on our path; withhold & sustain the journey, without giving up & driving ourselves to the shore as it’s just a bend not an end…- Self

Dreams do come true….

Now when anyone asks me, “Do dreams come true?”

My Answer, “Hell ya! Whoever says they don’t- Shoot them! They may creep in gradually, but when it reaches the center stage, THERE’S A BIG BANG! The sounds leave lovely melodies & milestones in your life!”

Shorting pictures is a huge task!

Being photographer is fun- you get to pause for a second & store the memories…But being a ‘photo sorter’ is not so fun! Becomes more tough when you can’t decide under which tag to save them! – #selfconfession !