Archive | May 2015

Beauty isn’t far…

Not so high, not so low, everything in between lies in front of our eyes

Not so high, not so low, somewhere in between lies the Mother Earth’s beautiful soul! – Bindiya Farswani


Yes, I fear…because it’ll last for many years to come….

Hearing melodious love stories I don’t fear, for it tickles my heart
But creating my own, I do
Walking on those paths which blessed love birds have strolled I don’t fear, for it brings joy to my eyes
But walking alone, I do
Watching those sweet affectionate tears each one wipes due to mischievousness I don’t fear, for it teases my soul
But wiping them alone, I do
Those warm touches & cuddles, fusses & kisses, laughters & giggles, takes me into the lovers paradise; going there I don’t fear
But going alone I do…
Hence, I may show my back to these sights;
Only my soul knows how much it craves and
Prays to Almighty it doesn’t last till my grave!- Bindiya Farswani

Gold Flower

To shine and sparkle like 24 carat, each pixel of Gold has to withstand the fire to overcome its impurities. Connected by blood but bonded by heart, our relation undergoes numerous ups & downs, faces fire for you’re mine and stands tall for the results to shine! May our bond be as sparkling as the Gold Flower ❤️- Bindiya Farswani