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Happy Teacher’s Day: Beacon of hope and light

Vishal Bheeroo

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Our beacon of hope,

shining light in our lives dispelling darkness,

touching our souls with their magic wand of wisdom.

Teaching us the essence of life, beyond the classroom,

They struck a chord with our inner sense and soul.

A soulful classroom experience as we learned to question not just unchecked facts but ourselves.

True learning is not confined to books but elevation of the soul in our quest for freedom and the ultimate truth.

Teachings that stay with us forever and shaping our existence,

Our spiritual guides brought us face to face with our identity.

We can only be grateful to them for sparkling magic in our lives.

How fortunate to have them in our lives!

They bond we share with them, remains eternal.

The heated discussion on life’s philosophy stoked by our teachers,

passion for life and always fighting for truth shall remain with us…

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