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2015- A year filled with glories…

 Just like gold when put in fire turns into 24 carat gold ornaments- I too posses some impurities, but when mixed with the outside world, in its flame I’m surely going to be transformed into a 24 carat gold beauty…Bindiya Farswani

Highlights of 2015: Women of the Desert Fashion Show, Calendar Girls 2016, & Annual M.A.D. Dance Show….


Together we’ll transform Dreamland onto Real Land…

I Love You

Design for expressing love in print and paper 🙂


She: It’s a theory we women can always tell if a man loves us by how much time he’s willing to invest. Money spent is meaningless, but time spent is priceless. In our case, I can tell you love me so much as you’ve spent immense time on me, no matter what situation you’re in, you’ve always managed to devote some of your valuable time on me…

He: Yeah, thank god, at least you noticed it…..

She: You think I don’t notice what you do?

He: Yes you notice only my anger…

She: Haha…Oh love, just because I talk more about your anger doesn’t mean I ignore your other qualities…Sometimes the anger is also cute as it reveals your love…..Reasons for your anger is stress & frustration, not that I do anything as such that puts you on hot spot.…sometimes because of our distance, you desperately want to hold & feel me, get that warmth but time isn’t in our favor yet…..Love you, tiger, with all your flaws because they’re not flaws as such, they’re different ways of thoughts towards life…..

He: You really compel me to bow down in respect…

She: Respecting what? Me?

He: I LOVE YOU My dove…

She: LOVE YOU TOO, My tiger…Just because I don’t express much and only talk about your flaws doesn’t mean I ignore the goodness you do….. I do understand you, My Love….

When observed wisely, one will realize the fact that every human being doesn’t have any ‘flaws’ as such, it’s we humans that use that term. In true sense, these are unique qualities & characteristics of each human being that makes them unique amongst the rest.

Bindiya Farswani