What’s Life without Love!

Life without true love………cant describe……maybe Earth without oxygen for survival! A beautiful piece worth reading…..Wish everyone receives such blessings of having ‘true love’ in their life 🙂

Kohl-Eyed Me

Clad in a simple but elegant cotton saree, she stood there by the window. Though in her mid-forties, she didn’t look a day older than thirty. Watching her, Tareeq realized that she was nothing short of a blessing in his life. She had the quest for life, that spunk in her, that made him head over heels in love with her.

How could he forget that night!

Tia had decided to take a vacation with her colleagues at the relaxing beaches of Goa. Though modern in outlook and thoughts, she couldn’t bring herself to wearing a short dress and it was definitely uncomfortable to stand on a six-inch heels. But then she had promised her three girlfriends to succumb to any of their wishes and there she was, clad in an Allen Schwartz red flare dress and sparkling white stilettos. When the three men joined the girls, they were definitely taken back by Tia’s transformation. How…

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