Miss June of the Calendar Girls –Mahek Anadkat as the “Ballerina”an interview by Ruqya Khan

“…we are all people with flaws but what makes us great is that we keep getting up after each fall…”- Mahek

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7 JUNE.jpgMahek Anadkat was born with a gift; the gift to give! Her smile gave hope to her parents. Her eyes gave feelings to her silence and her feet gave life to dance.



Her life however did not begin from a pleasant place. She was born with a hearing impairment and she had to grow and learn at her own pace. Her mother, Priti looked back 20 years as she shared her daughter’s story. “Mahek was born in UK. A year later we moved to Malawi in Africa. We were there for about 8 years. At Malawi Mehak began her schooling. She studied with normal children. She enjoyed all areas of learning especially music. Her first dance performance on stage was at age 6 – she played Radha during a Janmashtami celebration. She was the lead dancer for the Krishna song. She was brilliant and so full of life! Her whole…

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