‘There is never only One Story’ by Koshal Mundhra

There is never only One Story
There are always Two Stories
One is mine
Other is yours
But by the end of This Post, there will be a Third Story emerging.

Mine is positive, yours is negative
Yours is positive and Mine is negative

There are similarities though – Reasoning, Justification, Negativity, Pride, Culture, Excuses

What’s missing though in such stories – Togetherness

Let Togetherness recreate another story – The Third Story.

Sharing below few practical scenarios –

Employee coming late is being given warning letter – other side of the story is Employee travelling for 2 hours to reach office

Employees not being paid overtime, which in good times was released but now either do it or leave

Salaries to employees being delayed beyond a reasonable time – simple reason being given Cash Flow issue

Employees asked to leave the company – in the name of restructuring

Have a deeper understanding –

When things are good, people tend to ignore negative things and they keep glrorifying positive things. They Grow…

When things are becoming tough, then people sitting on Top start getting irritated on small small things and they start focusing on Negative things. They Fall.

An employer need to be really understanding and should create motivating environment instead of creating conflicts. At the end, an employee is working for them only. Good Talks create Great Office Culture.

An employee need to understand that they are supposed to respect the office time. If it becomes acceptable then others will also follow it. What makes them travel to and fro 4 hours daily equal to 88 hours in a month. In such times they can easily grab a certificate and start capitalising these 4 hours spend on unproductive travelling time. The Returns will be much higher then current savings.

#TheThirdStory – Employees understand their responsibility and explore opportunities AND the Employer positively promote Office Culture of Togetherness, Communication, Sense of Belonging and Understanding. They should shun all possible Conflicts ( ÷ ). There is always an Alternative Better Way

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