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Happiness is when your work is appreciated, gets published & rewarded for it monetary wise! Thanks Purvi for giving the chance to use my skills of writing after long time & Vishal for guiding to enhance it.

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Miss June of the Calendar Girls –Mahek Anadkat as the “Ballerina”an interview by Ruqya Khan

“…we are all people with flaws but what makes us great is that we keep getting up after each fall…”- Mahek

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7 JUNE.jpgMahek Anadkat was born with a gift; the gift to give! Her smile gave hope to her parents. Her eyes gave feelings to her silence and her feet gave life to dance.



Her life however did not begin from a pleasant place. She was born with a hearing impairment and she had to grow and learn at her own pace. Her mother, Priti looked back 20 years as she shared her daughter’s story. “Mahek was born in UK. A year later we moved to Malawi in Africa. We were there for about 8 years. At Malawi Mehak began her schooling. She studied with normal children. She enjoyed all areas of learning especially music. Her first dance performance on stage was at age 6 – she played Radha during a Janmashtami celebration. She was the lead dancer for the Krishna song. She was brilliant and so full of life! Her whole…

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What’s Life without Love!

Life without true love………cant describe……maybe Earth without oxygen for survival! A beautiful piece worth reading…..Wish everyone receives such blessings of having ‘true love’ in their life 🙂

Kohl-Eyed Me

Clad in a simple but elegant cotton saree, she stood there by the window. Though in her mid-forties, she didn’t look a day older than thirty. Watching her, Tareeq realized that she was nothing short of a blessing in his life. She had the quest for life, that spunk in her, that made him head over heels in love with her.

How could he forget that night!

Tia had decided to take a vacation with her colleagues at the relaxing beaches of Goa. Though modern in outlook and thoughts, she couldn’t bring herself to wearing a short dress and it was definitely uncomfortable to stand on a six-inch heels. But then she had promised her three girlfriends to succumb to any of their wishes and there she was, clad in an Allen Schwartz red flare dress and sparkling white stilettos. When the three men joined the girls, they were definitely taken back by Tia’s transformation. How…

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5 facts everyone should know about cerebral palsy

WOW! Just got to know they’ve a day dedicated just to us! Happy World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day, INCLUDING ME! This sums it up very well!
With no regrets & complains it’s definitely a thrilling adventure & pleasure to be living in this body! Feeling blessed to be chosen by The Almighty, guess he knew I would do great job with CP !
Journey so far has been great! Pray to get even better and adventurous !

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Today is World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day and Scope’s Helpline Manager Veronica Lynch is on our online community now answering your questions. Here are 5 facts about cerebral palsy she has put together, which you may or may not know.

1. Cerebral palsy is not an illness

Cerebral palsy is a condition caused by injury to the immature brain. The injury could be caused by an infection, an accident, lack of oxygen, problems at birth, or, in some cases, it may have a genetic link. However, there may be no obvious cause.

Smiling girl

2. Cerebral palsy can not be cured

Cerebral palsy is permanent. What can change is the effects this brain damage has on individuals. Treatments and therapies can improve muscle tone and practical ability.


3.Cerebral palsy describes the condition

Terms such as ‘spasticity’, ‘diplegia’ and ‘hemiplegia’ refer to how the person’s body is affected. Spasticity means that muscles are very tight and…

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Happy Teacher’s Day: Beacon of hope and light

Vishal Bheeroo

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Our beacon of hope,

shining light in our lives dispelling darkness,

touching our souls with their magic wand of wisdom.

Teaching us the essence of life, beyond the classroom,

They struck a chord with our inner sense and soul.

A soulful classroom experience as we learned to question not just unchecked facts but ourselves.

True learning is not confined to books but elevation of the soul in our quest for freedom and the ultimate truth.

Teachings that stay with us forever and shaping our existence,

Our spiritual guides brought us face to face with our identity.

We can only be grateful to them for sparkling magic in our lives.

How fortunate to have them in our lives!

They bond we share with them, remains eternal.

The heated discussion on life’s philosophy stoked by our teachers,

passion for life and always fighting for truth shall remain with us…

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Our kiss caused a car crash #EndTheAwkward

Love doesn’t see who & how you’re from outside
It adores & admires the person you are from the inside,
After all, it all begins from the heart & not from the skin…
Bindiya Farswani

Scope's Blog

A kiss, a snog, a smooch, a smacker: whatever you call it, kissing really does make the world go round. But if you’re disabled, kissing can be seriously awkward.  

Today, 6 July, is International Kissing Day, so we talked to Marie about what happens when she puckers up in public with her husband Dan.Marie’s story is shared as part of Scope’s End the Awkward campaign

Marie and Dan smiling at the camera on their wedding day Marie and Dan on their wedding day

So here’s the scene. Dan and I had just started dating. It was midnight and we were on the way home from the pub, holding hands. Dan’s into astronomy so we stopped to look at the stars. What could be more romantic on a beautiful evening? A kiss seemed like the natural thing to do. After a moment, I became aware that a police car was driving past very slowly.

The officer was staring out…

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