Our kiss caused a car crash #EndTheAwkward

Love doesn’t see who & how you’re from outside
It adores & admires the person you are from the inside,
After all, it all begins from the heart & not from the skin…
Bindiya Farswani

Scope's Blog

A kiss, a snog, a smooch, a smacker: whatever you call it, kissing really does make the world go round. But if you’re disabled, kissing can be seriously awkward.  

Today, 6 July, is International Kissing Day, so we talked to Marie about what happens when she puckers up in public with her husband Dan.Marie’s story is shared as part of Scope’s End the Awkward campaign

Marie and Dan smiling at the camera on their wedding day Marie and Dan on their wedding day

So here’s the scene. Dan and I had just started dating. It was midnight and we were on the way home from the pub, holding hands. Dan’s into astronomy so we stopped to look at the stars. What could be more romantic on a beautiful evening? A kiss seemed like the natural thing to do. After a moment, I became aware that a police car was driving past very slowly.

The officer was staring out…

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