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Everyone Wants her, But who Needs her…?

Everyone wants her...

Your words are enough to reveal your true Personality & Beauty…

Image creation by Bindiya Farswani

Her dance brought life to the dead souls…

Hats off to Subhreet Kaur Ghumman ! Truly admire her in the Indian Dance show Jhalak Reloaded! Here’s a verse dedicated to her.

Can I model…??

And they asked if I can model….

With head holding high I said, “Yes, why not?! To the world, Beauty may lie in carrying the perfect body but to me, beauty is how well you carry an imperfect one with the right attitude & courage. Beauty with brains is overrated. Beauty with innocent, kind heart & soul is underestimated. Knowledge comes from experience & going against all odds. So here I am- going against the tides of being a model.” -Self