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Am I a ‘Superhero’?

Personally speaking, I keep reciting to others that, we aren’t superheroes, just like an ordinary human we do have some #desires, fears, anguish, aspirations, and emotions……But when people look up at us as one, it makes us pause for a second and rethink…..Am I suitable to be claimed as one…..No ways, there’re dozens out there! We all are heroes in our own unique ways….Nevertheless, Thanks Vishal Bheeroo for highlighting my ‘Superhero’ traits and glad to serve as a symbol of it!

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Some stories just require few words…(part eight)

…because some Stories are best told in short…

They created an enigmatic storm…

she was white he was brown

Image creation by Bindiya Farswani

Her dance brought life to the dead souls…

Hats off to Subhreet Kaur Ghumman ! Truly admire her in the Indian Dance show Jhalak Reloaded! Here’s a verse dedicated to her.