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Who’s this shinning star?

“Who’s this enigmatic girl, Bindiya, and why is everyone admiring and applauding her as a source of inspiration?” In this fast paced life, first it was Femina, now it’s KOOOT that has successfully made me revisit the girl within me…!
Read my feature with them 🙂

As Dadi Janki says, “Share, Care, and Inspire”….

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Stars from way above bowed down to greet the night beauty…

Some fly up high

To view the starry night


I need not do that

Because with twinkling eyes,

Sparkling smile,

Charming persona,

Radiating dynamic aura,

The inquisitive stars from way above were compelled to bow down

To view the star-studded night-beauty walking down the red carpet sky

Who was Stealing away their shine…

Bindiya Farswani

 A short verse dedicated to the memories when a dream was lived with open eyes- Me being the showstopper for Women of the Desert Fashion Show organized by W2W Events.