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Mother’s Day Special 

Mother’s Day special !! Thanks Khaleej Times for featuring some of our life moments with the rest…Hope to inspire many more….

As correctly said by Roma Farswani, “…mothers like me who have been blessed with ‘special children’ are paradigm for world that nothing is impossible…”

Stars from way above bowed down to greet the night beauty…

Some fly up high

To view the starry night


I need not do that

Because with twinkling eyes,

Sparkling smile,

Charming persona,

Radiating dynamic aura,

The inquisitive stars from way above were compelled to bow down

To view the star-studded night-beauty walking down the red carpet sky

Who was Stealing away their shine…

Bindiya Farswani

 A short verse dedicated to the memories when a dream was lived with open eyes- Me being the showstopper for Women of the Desert Fashion Show organized by W2W Events.