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Gold Flower

To shine and sparkle like 24 carat, each pixel of Gold has to withstand the fire to overcome its impurities. Connected by blood but bonded by heart, our relation undergoes numerous ups & downs, faces fire for you’re mine and stands tall for the results to shine! May our bond be as sparkling as the Gold Flower ❤️- Bindiya Farswani  

Love is now & Forever….

I accept your love, my sweetheart.

I am gratified by your love, oh sweet one.

You brighten up my day brighter than the sun.

Come summer or spring,

Autumn or Winter,

By your side I will be whether you suffer or prosper.

So it’s not just when winter comes that I will be by your side,

But I will always be with you for you to confide.
Through all the seasons that the world may offer,

You will have my love now and forever!

Bindiya Farswani