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It’s all about Perception…To the World HE might be a Devil, but for me HE’S an Angel…

Saab khete hai voh sacha nahi hai aur pyaar jhooth hai… Par phir mene socha Agar Har insaan mein Bhagwan baste hai toh mein q nahi jahu usse insaan kay pass jis mein mujhe Bhagwan dikthe hai. Ap kay liye voh ravaan hoga par mere liye voh Shri Ram jasie hai…

Bindiya Farswani

Set me free….

Set me Free

Image creation & Photography by Bindiya Farswani…

Sometimes just a second is enough to find your mirror image…!


Sometimes when you come across a stranger, it just takes a second or so to sync….and you’ve found your mirror image…! This quote is based on that, in picture is my friend, Kunjan, and myself……The quote is based on our meet 🙂

Image creation by Bindiya Farswani