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Some stories just require few words…

…because some Stories are best told in short…


Based on the picture below, here are some 6 word stories of mine:
She isn’t alone, Universe is present…..- Bindiya Farswani
Although he’s away, waters unite them…..- Bindiya Farswani
Untold stories breath life, by riverside…- Bindiya Farswani
Not a loner, prefers real world…- Bindiya Farswani
Engaged in a mesmerizing world. Imagination.- Bindiya Farswani
By the riverside, she bids goodbye…- Bindiya Farswani
By the riverside, her smile, worthwhile. – Bindiya Farswani

The Moon & The Sun- An admired Love Story

the sun n moon_Fotor

Image creation by Bindiya Farswani

Who’s this shinning star?

“Who’s this enigmatic girl, Bindiya, and why is everyone admiring and applauding her as a source of inspiration?” In this fast paced life, first it was Femina, now it’s KOOOT that has successfully made me revisit the girl within me…!
Read my feature with them 🙂

As Dadi Janki says, “Share, Care, and Inspire”….

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I opt for the longer path……

Slow and steady

Slow & steady wins the race….

It’s not the count of likes or followers that matters,

But the count of emotions & the connections one can make with these

amateur masterpieces pouring out through me…

Bindiya Farswani