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Some stories just require few words…

…because some Stories are best told in short…


Based on the picture below, here are some 6 word stories of mine:
She isn’t alone, Universe is present…..- Bindiya Farswani
Although he’s away, waters unite them…..- Bindiya Farswani
Untold stories breath life, by riverside…- Bindiya Farswani
Not a loner, prefers real world…- Bindiya Farswani
Engaged in a mesmerizing world. Imagination.- Bindiya Farswani
By the riverside, she bids goodbye…- Bindiya Farswani
By the riverside, her smile, worthwhile. – Bindiya Farswani

Together we’ll transform Dreamland onto Real Land…

I Love You

Design for expressing love in print and paper 🙂

Yes, I fear…because it’ll last for many years to come….

Hearing melodious love stories I don’t fear, for it tickles my heart
But creating my own, I do
Walking on those paths which blessed love birds have strolled I don’t fear, for it brings joy to my eyes
But walking alone, I do
Watching those sweet affectionate tears each one wipes due to mischievousness I don’t fear, for it teases my soul
But wiping them alone, I do
Those warm touches & cuddles, fusses & kisses, laughters & giggles, takes me into the lovers paradise; going there I don’t fear
But going alone I do…
Hence, I may show my back to these sights;
Only my soul knows how much it craves and
Prays to Almighty it doesn’t last till my grave!- Bindiya Farswani