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Miss October of the Calendar Girl Bindiya Kishor Farswani as Red Riding Hood an interview by Ruqya Khan

Words fail to capture the true emotions of how thankful this modern RED RIDDING HOOD feels to all those beautiful souls who took and provided a chance of showcasing the beauty within me to the world at large. Thank you for welcoming me in your world of love, glamour, inspiration, and courage to take on dares! And making impossible stuffs POSSIBLE! THANKS WHOLE TEAM W2W Events – https://www.facebook.com/W2WEvents/?pnref=story

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Some people come with an energy that you really want to catch and Bindiya Kishor Farswani is that person for me. At age 31 she bubbles with the innocence of a child. So warm, loving and giving – she is an artist, a poet, a writer, runway model, a dancer – a creative in every right! The fact that she is a person who has Cerebral Palsy (CP) and she uses her wheel chair to get around does not contain her. She in fact find it liberating and unique. Her sense of humour and love for life always leave room for more. Her chase for happiness is really intriguing because it led her to joy, acceptance and gratitude.


Bindiya’s connect with Zareen and the work w2w events do began in 2014 when she first displayed her painting at Art Nation exhibition. The year after she was seen for the first…

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Set me free….

Set me Free

Image creation & Photography by Bindiya Farswani…

Sometimes just a second is enough to find your mirror image…!


Sometimes when you come across a stranger, it just takes a second or so to sync….and you’ve found your mirror image…! This quote is based on that, in picture is my friend, Kunjan, and myself……The quote is based on our meet 🙂

Image creation by Bindiya Farswani

Me Before You…A Beautiful Masterpiece

Me Before You…….Gosh, just watching the trailer it brought goosebumps, mixed emotions & glee …..Yes, I won’t refrain from acknowledging the fact that some of us, including myself, the so-called “special needs’ are living such a difficult life, but along with it, I’m delighted to see someone literally spared some time to craft such a brilliant movie…Perfect to the core and echoes the facts on how to live a life filled with obstacles….Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches, hence before commenting anything, THINK TWICE…..

We aren’t superheroes, just like an ordinary human we do have some desires, fears, anguish, aspirations, and emotions. This movie profoundly captures all of them…. It also reveals some of us refrain from showing or accepting certain emotions, either because we’ve the fear of not to be accepted/appreciated or due to the mindset of our society….. As an example, the emotions of falling in love with humanity and desiring to spend a life with that ‘special soulmate’ we dream of…..It’s all part of the human life, right? So why hide… Haha don’t get any ideas here, have lived all the emotions and glad to experience them, but yes wouldn’t feel shy to say on that subject I do get storms of questions and doubts….Hello, I’m human after all! 😀 😉

As I always say, Life is “Bed of Roses with petite thorns… wish to walk on the Bed of Thorns…Some ‘pains’ do bring tears of sorrow, agony, anguish, distrust, betrayal…
But some ‘pains’ have tears of sweetness, joys, love, smiles, and above all, it brings confidence, courage, & makes you wiser …
It’s the expedition of walking on both, Bed of Roses & Bed of Thorns, that truly epitomizes the success of journeying through the Garden of LIFE”….

Just live the life and go with the flow….Me Before You reveals just that 🙂 We all are heroes in our own unique ways….

“Let the universe guide you, just follow your soul, heart may be mischievous and misguide you, but not your soul…..” Bindiya Farswani