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Lets create “Heaven on Earth”….

On a bright sunny day, I was sitting on an armchair in my backyard reading a story from my literature book. Birds were chirping away in the tress that enclosed the yard, ducks were swimming in the pond which was located in the center of the backyard, and rabbits were running around on the grass with their family and friends. Occasionally I looked away from my story to take pleasure viewing the beautiful sight that was in front of my eyes. In fact, the backyard was the most favorite place of mine and the animals were so friendly and loving, I felt we were a part of a huge family.

“What’s that hustle bustle?” I asked myself when I heard a loud scream. As I looked above my book, I saw two rabbits fighting. I then stood up from my armchair and slowly went forward to take a closer look of the scenario and understand the reasons for the fight. Therefore, as I came closer to the fighting spot I realized both the male rabbits were fighting to protect their territories. As the fight continued both the rabbits began to bleed. To stop the fight I immediately picked up a small block of wood and placed it abruptly between the two rabbits. I was perplexed to see both the rabbits fight like enemies. I had never before seen them fighting. They were like soldiers fighting a war to protect their nations. To make the rabbits friendly again I knew I had to once again introduce them to one another in a friendly manner. Thus, to help me out to do this process I called up my best friend, Afra. As soon as she came we both, wearing thick hand gloves, picked up the rabbits and carefully placed them in my bathtub. Then I began talking to them and treated them side-by-side. After an hour or so, I finally saw changes occurring in the behaviors of the rabbits towards each other. They were beginning to be friendly again! Keeping an eye on them, I continued to leave them alone for a while to play with each other. Finally when I was satisfied to see them loving and playing with each other, I brought the rabbits back to the backyard. In the backyard, once again the rabbits were happily spending time together amongst the rest of the animals.

Looking at the bigger picture and replacing the role of the rabbits with the humans, I could relate this instance with real life issues we have in our world. For example, like the rabbits, humans too fight on the borders of the countries to protect their land. Why is that so? Can’t everyone be friendly with each other? Can’t we all live together in peace and harmony? The Almighty created Earth’s land as a whole. Who has given the right to humans to divide the land according to their wins and fancies? This is wrong. The world wars or civil wars should be stopped. People should sit down and discuss their problems in a healthy and friendly manner. Just imagine how wonderful and astonishing sight it would be if we all lived together as one big family. In the truest form, it would be “Heaven on Earth!”

Bindiya Farswani