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The ‘Real’ meeting off the Virtual World….

You’re not in fear but at the same time you don’t want to loose that beautiful bond which you’ve established virtually. Since years communicating through means of gadgets, now meeting face-to-face- you find yourself lost! Lost on words, Lost on how to communicate without using any gadget, lost on how to express yourself…..Confusions grip you but there’s some excitement 🙂

Dreamed of the joy of being with you,

in reality, it’s Déjà vu!

Meeting you is like a dream come true,

the second we met, wished it lasted for a few…

Our virtual talks were everlasting.

Now that we’re an inch away from each other, Chats are never – starting,

Pondering what to say….

Virtually, your presence brought immense pleasure and warmth.

Now, it feels like hot ice cream in a corn!

Warm vibes was felt by you; cold feelings was yet felt,

Crispy words was popping like popcorn in mind,

But overjoy just wouldn’t allow them to pop out!

Have a desire to talk,

Somehow, it feels like a distant dream.

As time passed, things changed,

Physical presence eventually took over virtual ones,

Cold feelings vanished by your warm charming persona,

It brought back the virtual comforts that we shared.


Bindiya Farswani